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Hello, music fans! I'm Rhonda Marvell, Karl's intern. For the next several hours, I'll be your glee-packed tourguide through the Straubinical world. I suspect no-one under 50 will wind up here, even by mistake when baked, but if you happen to be a bewhiskered young hipster, please bear with me while I explain everything slowly, so as not to overwhelm those who strain daily to make a desperate kind of sense of this horrific modern age. (I don't know if you know any old people, but most of them whisper about downloading as if it's an esoteric art practiced a ways off in the mysterious East. We're talking, of course, about the children of the generation that was baffled by the clocks on their fucking VCRs.)

So, why not hop to it and join me on a wondrous journey, the likes of which few men or women have ever even dreamed of? Why, there will be music, and concert dates, and things to click on, and then usually just click back from, without spending a dime-- This is the place to get that "independent singer-songwriter website" experience that really can't be had for love nor money, except on a website of this nature.