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Nothing But A Baby

Karl Straub (with the Graverobbers)
written by Karl Straub


One of my favorite cuts from the Graverobbers "Harlem Hayride" album. (with Jim Gray on bass and Martin Lynds on drums, plus Peter Fox on keyboards.) For years this track sat unfinished, and when Peter Fox and I pulled it out of the cobwebs, I discovered I couldn't stand the guitar solo. Fortunately, I'd learned two guitar licks in the intervening years. We recut the acoustic guitar part, and Peter and I monkeyed around with the production, going for a layered and dreamlike quality. (In the opinion of some, this was a mistake. If you're lucky enough to have a copy of the original roughs, you can compare. The original had a very slightly harder edge to the sound, and essentially sounded more like an old country record.)


With some beautiful pedal steel guitar from Dave Van Allen.