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Karl Straub (with CrowTown)
written by Karl Straub


This is from the CrowTown album sessions. I can't tell if Pat Cavanaugh is on this cut, though he did wonderful work on many other CrowTown songs-- but it's definitely Antoine Sanfuentes on drums, and Jimmie Cavanaugh on bass. On this song, I was trying to combine very different pop sounds from the early 70s. On the one hand, I spent much of my post-crib youth soaking up the hypnotic folk/easy listening/bubblegum type stuff of the era-- Glen Campbell, Carole King, Elton John, etc. On the other hand-- in an Oz I wouldn't hear about til it was too late, bands like the Sweet and  Mott the Hoople were toiling away. Or, as Jimmie put it at the session-- "you've got both Jim Croce and Kiss in there."


Produced by Ira Grylack.